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Screenshot from oral history of Jake Northington, 2019.
Screenshot of oral history interview with Jake Northington, from his 2019 interview.

Welcome to Voices of North County, the California State University San Marcos University Library's oral history site. This site hosts oral histories created by University Library staff, faculty, and administrators; CSUSM students that have worked with Special Collections as part of grant-funded special collections oral history projects, or as part of our ongoing yearly internship for graduate History students; and those created by community members in collaboration with the library.

Each interviewee has a "card," listed alphabetically by last name, which links to audio and video interviews and written transcripts. All audio and video interviews have searchable transcripts and sometimes indexes that can be toggled by the viewer. Written transcripts of interviews are in pdf format and are linked to the interviewee's card.

If you would like to use an oral history for nonprofit, scholarly purposes, please contact CSUSM University Library Special Collections at archives@csusm.edu